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Vintage/ Nature/ Photography Blog


Vintage/ Nature/ Photography Blog

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My NEW YouTube Channel!

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Naturally Disaster


Bleach the metaphors transparent
stormy sky, rain,
singing softly
sing me softly
Scrape me up if I decay
black and blue
blue and black
red is longing
or lust
take me all the way back
Speak it up
Spit it out
You’re so purple-heart seasoned
What’s the matter?
Can’t you do it?
Failure’s a disaster
not so natural

You’re the reason

18/30 NaPoWriMo

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Anonymous asked: What are you majoring in college? You've probably answered this before, I'm sorry for my I attentiveness!!

It’s in my FAQ :]

But I’m studying Communication!

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Anonymous asked: I love your new hair colour 👌👌👌


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apologize to your body.
that’s where the healing begins.
starting, nayyirah waheed (via nationway)
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Anonymous asked: Hey, I kind of need some advice... so I really wanna cut my hair short and I have for a while... my little problem is stupid, but I have a name that is usually a guy name (I spell it cool though) I know I shouldn't really care what people think and I don't want to, but I really don't wanna be mistaken for as a dude... I hate that I care, but I do and I want to know what you think. Thanks so much! You are super amazing and your poetry is incredible! Have a great day!

Here’s the thing. It wouldn’t matter if your name was Princess Catalina of the Lesbian Kingdom. At first glance, in Western culture, short hair is associated with masculinity. Unfortunately, cutting your hair short is understanding that that will be a part of your experience.

I think you should do it anyways, because fuck what anyone else thinks, but I won’t pretend it’s easy being misgendered, because it’s not. It sucks. Still, I believe you have to do what’s right for you.

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