Confession #100: I think that the point of all of this, is that a lot of people think I am something miraculous. People think I am some incredible, untouchable human with all of these great qualities and all of this talent and passion. Maybe those things are true, but I am irrevocably broken. I am so soured by the life I’ve lived that I am not worth possessing. Maybe that makes you want to squirm in your seat; maybe all you want is to tell me that you are the one woman alive that could hold me when I was hurting and live with me despite my flaws. Well, darling, that’s what they all said. They all promised me forever. I have spent so long trying to hate you for lying to me, and then I realized I was lying to myself. It was never your fault for saying you’d always love me… it was my fault for not being something worth loving so long.
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